WEDNESDAY 8:45 PM, 2ND UPDATE: Disney sources now tell me that Tangled opened with $10M-$11M today and the studio is?still looking for a high $60sM Thanksgiving 5-day holiday weekend.

WEDNESDAY 5 PM UPDATE: Disney sources are now predicting that Tangled looks like it will end up?in the high $60sM for this 5-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend. "But we'll know more later this evening as we see how late in the night the film plays. I hope you need a new?headline…"

WEDNESDAY 2:45 PM: Rival studios just told me that Walt Disney Studios'?animated Tangled is opening today "much bigger than expected" than Hollywood's 5-day estimates of $35M to $40M. One source says it's double but that may be exaggerated. Yet even cautious Disney is telling me they're "seeing an uptick in our expectations". Interesting because the Thanksgiving holiday weekend estimate for blockbuster holdover Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 is $90M.?Clearly the new Disney regime did a great marketing job moving the Rapunzel fairy tale out of its?Little Misses & Moms niche and into a wider demographic arena by emphasizing its comedic flair. Stay tuned tonight to see if I can legitimately use my planned-in-advance headline: "Hair No Match For Harry". I'll have a full box office report and analysis later on.