Andy Harries, producer of The Queen and The Damned United, is planning a movie based around the Pink Floyd track Another Brick In the Wall. But it’s not a remake of Alan Parker’s?Pink Floyd movie The Wall. Rather, it tells the true story of the schoolchildren who sang on the 1979 number one and their maverick music teacher. Harries tells me it’s “Dead Poets Society meets School of Rock.” He’s optioned the life story of music teacher Alan Renshaw who arrived at a struggling north London comprehensive (public) school in the late 70s, determined to shake things up. His class eventually ends up singing the chorus on the Pink Floyd track – whose controversial lyrics, flicking a V-sign at authority, end up getting Renshaw sacked. First-time writer Steve Thompson is writing the script for Left Bank and BBC Films. But Harries admits he hasn’t got the rights to the song yet. Songwriter Roger Waters can be notoriously difficult but he’s touring The Wall next year, so the timing could be propitious.