While we've been scattered to the winds today, reports have Oren Aviv possibly taking the co-president of marketing post at 20th Century Fox. Fox started a search after Pam Levine stepped down Tuesday after 16 years at the studio, but the job would be bigger than the one she held, more like chief creative officer. Insiders say that Aviv is by no means a sure thing. There is a "usual suspects" list of seasoned marketing execs that range from Valerie Van Gelder to Terry Press and Gerry Rich. After moving out of a marketing role to steer? production for Disney, will Aviv be content to step back into a marketing role and share the post with Tony Sella? Aviv has kept a low profile since leaving Disney early this year, but he resurfaced earlier this fall when he joined the Board of Directors of Digital Artists. Aviv has been advising them on digital content, production, creative, branding and strategy. He was brought in by CEO William Kendall and Chief Creative Officer William Kendall.