UPDATES NBC Cancels New Drama 'Undercovers'

An insider gave me this guidance about what went wrong with Undercovers, a show that NBC?massively promoted and yet was still rejected?by audiences: "Many things. Mostly, what was meant to be a throwback lark of a show felt trivial to people. It felt flimsy and not compelling, partially because it was designed as a stand alone, non serialized show. Perhaps the stories lacked deeper interest and urgency. We tried to embrace a familiarity of form, but the public obviously didn't want something so familiar. Unfortunately we never got an audience from the get-go; our abysmal recent rating wasn't even one point lower than our premiere number.?We just should have done better. It is a bummer to be sure. NBC did the best they know how.?We feel responsible for the failure, though. But damn, it sure would be easier to blame the network!"