Monday, November 1, 2010


Very short but excellent feedback by Felix Zulauf here. He said QE will do nothing for the real economy and stocks decline when markets recognize this. He also says gold could rally to $2,500. Zulauf believes that most databases growing is always undercapitalised and remains poor investment. Interestingly, he believes that European banks are in a worse state still that American banks. Barry Ritholz posted some Zulauf more detailed feedback to the Conference of the Barron:

"Most of the banks is not healthy" Zulauf told the audience of 250."The crisis has begun seulement.Il there will be a long-term a minor after another process."

Zulauf, table round Barron, Member a, which raised the possibility EDF more relaxation last January, when most of commentators have been anticipating tightening, said some years "could be setup for much later higher inflation.In response to a question about how the current mess differs in the 1930s, he famous saying that "central banks may keep the economy afloat jamais.à QE33, the Fed will be owner of the entire system," a reference to the possibility that the Fed stimulus could continue indefinitely. Inflation that would lead to "the destruction of money", said.

Evidence prescient silver macro-oriented Manager compared to invest in the industrialized "movement deckchairs on the Titanic autour." Among the possible icebergs: Greek by default, a decrease of 30% in the German and Spanish real estate values popular revolt against fiscally irresponsible Government support members of the European Union. Zulauf says investors should focus on where to store their money, because "you may not be able to get it when you want to."

He suggests a portfolio of 20% in gold (he correctly predicted in 2009 that gold hitting $1,300 this year). 30% to 40% in most of the actions emerging; and remains in State three-year, denominated in currencies such as Singapore dollar and Swiss franc loans.


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