Nellie Andreeva

After a power outage in two weeks, Fox signal has been restored in some houses of Cablevision 3 million just before the start of part 3 of the world series. Fox recently announced that the two parties have reached "" agreement in principle for a new distribution agreement. "" The agreement deals with Fox and bone WNYW in New York and WTXF in Philadelphia as well as MyNet WWOR in New York and cable channels FOX Deportes, FOX Business Network and Nat Geo WILD. It will also allow customers to Cablevision in the New York area to watch NFL Team New York jets in tomorrow - match with the Green Bay Packers on Fox. The agreement comes one day after Fox concluded an agreement of his other dispute transport with DISH Network. In his statement, Cablevision called the "unjust" agreement and had a magnetic at the FCC to intervene at an impasse. It also indicated in the final agreement rates were lower than fees "unprecedented" Fox had originally requested and would pass rate increases to its customers. (The financial terms of the agreement not disclosed but Fox sought retransmission rights in-1_$ $0.50 per subscriber for its O Beach & cable and satellite providers os). Earlier this week, Cablevision offered match the terms of the contract of carriage with Time Warner Cable network Fox & O stations but Fox refused it as he wanted his MyNet station New York and 3 lower profile cable channel covered by the terms too. Here is the Declaration of the Cablevision:

In the absence of any significant the FCC action, Cablevision has agreed to pay the Fox a multiple channels of programming, including many customers have little unfair prices or no intérêt.Cablevision conceded that he did not believe that customers should more be denied Fox they wish to see programs.

Cablevision would like to thank its customers to understand the reasons for the dispute and to stay with nous.Nous are also grateful for 175 Government leaders who raised their voice to urge Government intervention and binding arbitration to prevent this panne.Il is clear that the retransmission consent system is badly broken and must be fixed.

Ultimately, our clients pay more they should Fox programming, but less than what they would be if we had accepted unprecedented rates that News Corp. has been demanding when they fired their Cablevision off track.

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