Monday, November 1, 2010

Followed George Hickenlooper

2Nd update: I'm still trying to find out how George Hickenlooper died, but they told me that he had been in Colorado campaign yesterday evening for his cousin, Jean, who is ultimately final stretch of the Governor of the race, in Colorado. John, the Mayor of Denver, is the candidate of the Democratic Party. Hickenlooper visited early in Denver to help her cousin and was later this week, when Jack Casino will be shown Thursdays at the Starz Film Festival. I am told that George did not wake up this morning, but I still don't know why.

Last updated: Casino Jack star George Hickenlooper Kevin Spacey has sent me a statement on the shocking adoption of its Director. "It is with sadness that I must think same written on George in this way, when I look forward to see the week next in Los Angeles," said Spacey. "We have been due to take our film on the road towards its release in December."I can't believe he is gone because George was so alive, bubbles with energy, drive, commitment, an open heart and a brilliant sense of humour it is one of the types.

"My experience with it has been nothing less than fantastic: our prison visit with Jack Abramoff meetings of script, pre-production discussions and finally our first day of filming."From that day until our last event starting Casino Jack in Toronto last month, he was a joy to be autour.Sa sensitivity and perspectives served as his daily. Each of us who knew him - who had the chance to collaborate with him - who have seen the child in him that he had lost never - always watching life with wonder and curiosity - him miss with great admiration and affection.

I am shocked and can not really get around in my head that I spend three months in his company. Casino Jack proved be his last, pride, I think his ideas in his direction, and the final results... is mounted in flèche.Il merit for audiences to see and discover his work. Then go outside and see what it was before, causing deservedly find a whole new public.Et nothing would make George happy for people to see his work.

Tonight, I raise a glass in his honour. Rest in peace, my friend. ?

Earlier: Director George Hickenlooper died at the age of 47 ans.Mieux known to direct the documentary 1991 Hearts of Darkness: A - filmmaker revelation on manufacture of Francis Ford Coppola Apocalypse Now - Hickenlooper was preparing for the release of Casino Jack. Hickenlooper directed drama stars Kevin Spacey as disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. George was so excited to see the image finds its way to broadcast by ATO Pictures, after having presented in numerous festivals this year and he is particularly proud of the performance by Spacey.The movie opens on December 17th in New York and Los Angeles.Ses films included Factory Girl and The Man From Elysian Fields.

Hickenlooper leaves a wife, Suzanne and a son, Charles. Suzanne Hickenlooper said in a statement: "George was a loving father and provider."He had a great creative talent, a close and generous spirit of life and people more than anyone else, that I sais.Charles and I will miss him greatly.?

Hickenlooper, cousin Jean, who is running for Governor of Colorado, said: "shock and sadness does not begin to describe our feelings."We are dévastés.George to immense creative talents and gifts cinema, but there is so much more than we, and his entire family.His passion for life, an insatiable curiosity and zeal for people, all those who had the fortune to know enrichi.Nos hearts go out to his wife Suzanne and his son Charles.?

ATO Jonathan Dorfman and Temple Fennell, said: "on behalf of ATO Pictures we are devastated by the loss of our friend and colleague, George Hickenlooper.Ceux who knew George may attest to his incredible talent and commitment to excellence .Personne held a top bar or a heart gros.Nos thoughts and prayers are with his family."

I will continue to provide information, but have not yet been did décès.Mais here is the trailer for Casino Jack cause:

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