Monday, October 18, 2010

Aaron Sorkin, the "social network" women

Here's a glimpse behind the scenes in why Hollywood depicts women, how it does on the big screen. IRAS it is blog posted a comment complaining about the social network "lack of a decent picture of women." that winning an Emmy writer-producer-director keV Levine except for 1 or 2 of them (Rashida Jones included), they were essentially objects sexual/stupid groupies... one makes me think that Aaron Sorkin (although I love writing) does not have the women of this script. Type of injury because it is written for women large characters as c.j. Cregg! "SI writer of peak Aaron Sorkin replied:

"Believe me, I get it." It is not difficult to understand how bright women might be shocked by what they saw in the movie, but you must understand that it was the very specific world, that I wrote. Women are both an equal price. Blogs of mark that we hear in voiceover as he drinks, hacks, creates a Facemash and dreams of the type of party, be sure it is absent, came directly from Marc blog. With the exception of a few cuts and tightening (and I can promise you that nothing I cut would change your perception of the people or the path of history by the same one inch) I used blog Marc verbatim. Mark said: "Erica Albright is a bitch" (Erica is not his real name - I changed three names in the film when it is unnecessary to embarrass anyone more), "think it's because all the B.U. girls are bitches." Facebook was born to an evening of incredibly misogyny.The idea of comparing women with farm animals and then to each other, based on their appearance and then publicly ranking their .c ' was a revenge, Slacker aims firstly to the woman allegedly more recently his heart (which should get some kind of Medal for not breaking the head), and then to the whole of the female population of Harvard.

More generally, I wrote about a group of people very angry and deeply misogynist.These are not the nerds mellow made films on years 80.Ils are very angry leader wants to still go out with the shift instead (boys) men running as early as now the universe .the women that they surround themselves with are not women challenging them (and frankly, any woman who could challenge them would be interested in any location near their).

And this very disturbing attitude of women is not only limited to the guys who cannot obtain dates.

I invented the "F - k truck", it is true - and final clubs (boys) men think that is what they deserve to be who they are.(It is only fair to note that women - autobues in other schools for the "hot" parties are waiting online to get on the bus without that person pointing guns at their head.)

These women - both young girls who are happy to take off their clothes and dance for boys or psycho-small friend Eduardo are real. I am really mean real.(In the case of Christy, Eduardo girlfriend so beautifully played by Brenda Song, I met two characters - once again, I hope that you'll trust me that this has nothing to change our gaze on the événements.Christy was the second of three characters which I changed the name.)

I invented two characters - Rashida Jones was "Marylin", the youngest lawyer team and far other women that see us in the film.Elle is clearly serious, competent and, where requested, has no problem speaking the truth, as it considers the mark .the ' other was Gretchen, lawyer Eduardo (actually there are a great team of litigators, have taken turns third witnesses but I wanted to familiar us with only one person - a woman who is once again, the trophy of person.)

And Erica Rooney Mara a class act.

I wish I could go from door to door and make this explanation and apology to any woman offended by things you've pointed out but it is clear that it is unrealistic, so I thought the least I could do was to speak directly to you.?

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