Director Ang Lee conducted a search of talent in the world for The history of PI and threw the new come Suraj Sharma to play the lead of 16 years Pi Patel, a young man who gets blocked 227 days a lifeboat 26 feet with a wounded Zebra, spotted Hyena, a seasickness orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger shark infested waters.

Fox 2000 film is a David Magee-scripted adaptation of the novel of Mann Booker Prize winning Yann Martel on a child which sets sails of Pondicherry, in India on a cargo destined for the Canada with menagerie animals in the Zoo father and gets stuck with these colleagues after an accident. There said me Sharma, a 17 year of Delhi, India, student acted never before.There was quite a trip in front of him after that Lee was chosen after hearings 3000 adolescents.Le film will be shoot in January.