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OSCAR: Animation entries down to wire; But There Will Be sufficient for 5 candidates?

Pete Hammond

Today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences sent a reminder confirming 5 PM PT November 1st deadline for 2010 animation Best feature entries.?At that time he did not appear to be enough input to trigger the five candidates rather than the three most common, but there is still time, brother.?What is not mentioned in the press release is the number that have been received so far in school. A very good predictor is a letter, I learned that was sent late last week update of members and potential members of the Commission of animation (those using the vote) and informing him that 14 entries were received, but it was still possible to reach the magic number needed to develop the category 16. Last year a flurry of last-minute entries flooded offices of the Acad and Oscar ' toon observers even hoped could miraculously happen this year. Academy rules state that each year with 8 to 15 eligible entries will be permitted three appointments, but if it is 16 or more there will be five contenders as happened twice (including last year), that the category was created in 2001, when Shrek of DreamWorks became the first winner.

DreamWorks Animation has won only once since (to release 2005 Wallace and Gromit in the curse of the Were Rabbit) and is back at the time of big game this year with its version of March, How To Train your Dragon but would also like to see his next Megamind (5 November) in hunting, probably not if there are only three "cartoons are invited to the party." Disney/Pixar, who won the award for three years running (ratatouille, Wall-E, up) goes 4 in a row with Toy Story 3 but also want their release of the action of grace, Tangled to seize a spot, also not probably also with only 3 nominees.If Dragon and toys are 800 pound gorilla in the race, and there are no last minute contenders to increase this thing up to five candidates, which leaves a slot for the rest, an impressive list consisting of fury and only serious competitor of Oscar, Despicable Me; The illusionist scenario series by Jacques Tati. for Sony Classical Pictures from Zack Snyder Legend Of The guards: the Ga OWL ' Hoole and the drop-down list box direct action ani'd Yogi Bear Warners; two Shreak Forever after; from DreamWorks Animation Bill Plympton Idiots And Angels.? anime Japanese summer wars; Alpha and Omega.Lions Gate Disney right-to-DVD Tinker Bell and the great rescue Fairy who obtained a qualification run at the El Capitan support opportunities getting Tangled and a wonderful loser (literally) of the New Yorker Films, My Dog Tulip, a literate refreshing traditional search ' toon J.R. Ackerley touch his 16 years with his German Shepherd, tulips, the memoirs of 1956.Avec rescue love relationship-based narrative beautifully acid dubbing worthy award by Christopher Plummer as Ackerley and Lynn Redgrave end (in his last credited film role), it may be the irresistible bunk to destroy hopes for higher profile entered all majors prisée fishing third slot.??

An interesting aspect affecting the ' toon race this year is that both saw before runners are also conducts campaigns visible - and sustainable - for the best film too. Only two animated films were never that rank: beauty and the beast in 1991 when no there is no functionality ani category and up to last year when the new rule 10 candidate took effect. To their lavish DVD launch party recently, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg pointed me are the three best widely reviewed film of the year to date (if you go by RottenTomatoes scores) Toy Story 3 ( fee of 99%), How To Train your Dragon (98%) and social network (97%). Producer HTTYD Bonnie Arnold said: "it is nice to be recognized by the community of the animation itself, but it is also nice to be recognized as a film." This is just a good movie is in competition with other films little important this environment, if it is live action, animation or tout.Il is now 10 nominations.Actually I was one of the best pictures of the year. ?

Toy Story 3Director Lee Unkrich also makes the case for best film and not only because that it increased by over $ 1 billion makes the animated film more successful of all time. "We examine our films like all the other films.Oui, is animated and we work in a specific environment, but our approach is very much the same as the action live - production, costumes design, casting actors, notation, editing - we films, " said."

Of course, that they have first to overcome the perception by many at the category Feature Animation is particularly enough recognition to this art form and that includes the important and influential actors direction.

Bottom line is if it proves to be 3 or 5 nominees this year race feature animation and 10 candidates for the best film of Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks are looking to take their battle of the ' preferred stage still greater than ever.

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