EC has greenlighted the same name, the driver of one of the masters of comic celebreality, Cree Abrego hours. The project, which Abrego Executive produced with Eugene Young, is a comic series of fish-out-of water, involving ordinary people and they share the same name with celebrities. Each self-contained episode of the show, produced by 51 minds belonging to Endemol, will feature a celebrity as it the life of professions and careers with his/hers name doppelganger and they see what it is to live in with one another and other footwear, follow the two. The same name belongs to an expansion of the UTA-repped Abrego, who did most of its undertaking to VH1 so far.Collaborator frequent Mark Cronin, Abrego has been the go - to for kernel celebreality tariff channel with these series as The Surreal Life, the fragrance of love and love rock .for CBS, same name adds growing slate network performances on celebrity guy or other rich people masquerading as regular folk, which includes the reality hit boss infiltration and the series of promotions that get a lot.

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