Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fox Weathering Rough fall TV season

After years of languishing in the fall to come to life in January with the return of American Idol-24 win of the season, Fox turned on the lights so masterly last fall. He has been the introduction of Glee, solid performance from returning shows led House the ALCS Championship and world series, won by the Yankees. But this fall, the network returned to his old ways was struggling, leading the networks with steeper ratings drop for the first 4 weeks of the season, 12% among adults 18-49 and 8% in total viewers. There is a gross fall Fox from the outset, with the shockingly low first in proportion to the now extinct new dramatic Lone Star on the same from the first night of the season. Fox was a disadvantage going into the season as he was dealing with the least viewed NLCS championship this year in its agreement with the Secretariat, in which the two finals alternating between the two networks. And then on Friday, the Rangers to beat the Yankees to become champions of the ALCS and make the World Series for the first time - a great achievement for Texas but a big blow to Fox as Yankees - World Series team less generally draw significantly lower than those with marquee them MLB franchise ratings. Also, the final NLCS on Fox was unable to go to 7 games this year, with the 6th decisive game drop the least-watched night of television, Saturday. (Fox again business respectable last night with a rating of 3.0 in 18-49 and 10.2 million viewers.)

There were bright spots: second Glee is on fire, topping all series this fall, and former network veteran reality of Hell's Kitchen is doing business on Wednesday, the only series of reality to grow this season since his first season strong. But beyond that, things were not good, with especially troubled series (although Porter hopes has shown promise in a creative manner and received a full season) and returning series especially soft, including dramatic Lighthouse House. And then he y Friday where Fox is virtually non-existent, with The Good Guys falling below levels of the House, logging more recently a demo 0.6 rating this week.Fox has involved in a nasty transportation dispute in large market of the country, New York City where the network has hidden in some houses of Cablevision 3 million for the last week.(The right side, the impact of the failure on Fox world series ratings would not be provided with the New York team in.)

The problem with decreases of ratings fall is not isolated from Fox. ABC declined 8% 18-49 and 4% in viewers last fall, his new series have largely failed (ABC is still deliver his truck full first season), and return performances are also in the year to another. Same CBS network more successful this fall that dominated ratings for the first 5 weeks race has slipped below levels fall 18 - 49 by 1 per cent last.(It is still to come in total viewers, from 2 %).Avec football season this fall and dismal performance ratings for its performances last fall to favorable comparisons, NBC runs in 18-49 (+ 1%) and total viewers (+ 3%) despite the performances of this season series box.)As a result, Fox, ABC, and NBC are all currently linked for second place at the 18-49 with a 2.8 rating, flight leader Canadian (3.3).

But unlike ABC and NBC, Fox owes much to look forward to mid-season .ABC is more reliable replacement mid-season Lost waiting in the wings and NBC was at the Olympic Games as the last year to carry the momentum when its coverage of football ends, Fox was American Idol, although it continued to decline, even should return a number respectable.Et has also a sporting event just called the Super Bowl.

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