Update: So here's what happened and why both sides are accurate. Warner Bros Greg Silverman, who is responsible for the development of film budget said his group wanted to focus on specifications rather than land and hiring new writers to the end of the year. The issue was not money because the studio has a lot of dough. For example, to clarify, the studio is sill hire writers and the purchase of land, but this is step where Silverman wants the emphasis to be right now.

Officers today are complaining about me that Warner Bros. is not going to hire writers to embark on new projects for the rest of the year. "Warner Bros. is saying that he hear land or purchase specifications until after January 1, unless it is something close to lit."?Writers are out of luck until then, "a top tenpercenter transmitted page confirming other representatives." Interesting, because Warner Bros. was most recently a very aggressive buyer of material and the lessee of the scribes. On the surface, it sounds like the usual problem, that we have money, we need to get re-funded in the new fiscal year many studios (Sony Pictures) suffer each year.?But Warner Bros. not told me "the true value." We have money and buy actively."I love the controversy.