Monday, October 18, 2010

Barker HOT: With "Wolverine 2" job filled with Fox Next Gig requiring Big is "Pride of Lionsgate, prejudicial, zombies" with Scarlett

Update: I started hearing of candidates ruling to replace David O Russell for the Lionsgate pride, prejudice and zombies: Mike Newell (Prince_of_Persia) is runner before, but they are still meeting filmmakers and I'm pleading Doomsday' Neil Marshall is in the mix. Details below.

Exclusive: a Hollywood lead more gigs made looks. Lot of Darren Aronofsky to direct the 20th Century Fox X - Men Origins: Wolverine 2 is close enough to make the discussion turned to shooting portions of his film in New York filmmaker and Hugh Jackman stage did not to families of disadvantages. Date of beginning of March is currently in the eyes so that Aronofsky had the time to open the Black Swan and be available for the obligations of the inevitable price season.When scenes from New York are completed, they you head to the Japan to draw most of the movie Christopher McQuarrie-scripted. time said you last week that Aronofsky set its focus on Wolverine line after its passage on the crime period drama Warner Bros. Gangster Squad.

With Wolverine employment all but sealed, what will be the next hot work helmers compete?I learned a lot administration is you align Lionsgate pride, the prejudice and zombies, revisionist of Seth Grahame-Smith that improves novel tale of Jane Austen class and ways in England 19th century with infusion cruelly sanguinaires cerveau.On eating zombies told me that after Natalie Portman supported playing Elizabeth Bennet, David O Russell was ready to play the heroine of Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper to play Mr. Darcy. Then, Russell himself left to concentrate on his collaboration with Vince Vaughn Old St. Louis and Uncharted: Drake Fortune Sony.

LIONSGATE claims that no cast is set and the other players are too much in the mix.And certainly a new Director may wish to choose their own trails.Therefore consider before runners and Johansson has shown that it can handle the action of the black widow, she starred in -iron man 2The directors are you align the script of pride, prejudice and zombies who leaves a Russell is fort.Ne be surprised to see David Slade ici.Il mixture step was a finalist for not only 2 Wolverine, but also the hunger games, a work made with Gary Ross of Lionsgate.Et than scoring shot last summer because and Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Slade of the obtained a horror credit distinguished within 30 days of night.

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