One by one, the networks are wrapping their purchases for this development season. NBC, ABC and the CW are performed, with Fox still take some land and CBS, always in search of a handful of comedy.But for the most part, it is fini.Cadres NBC told officers that they have no development more money to spend, but would make an exception for a project with a-list auspices.

Was a season purchase marked with a number major dramas hit the market, including the phobias Ryan Murphy Howard Gordon Fox, J.J. Abrams Alcatraz Fox and SOF Tery O'Quinn Michael Emerson show on NBC, the tragedy of ghost of Josh Schwartz/Rachel Bilson at NBC, the Kurtzman and products Orci , Locke and key Fox, James Cameron True Lies product restart ABC thriller from Oren Peli River at ABC, Jerry Bruckheimer-Product ABC Lost Girls and, of course Wonder Woman remake Kelley, who was not yet be purchased David E.There are less than projects a half-hour of large-scale this year as many comedy writers top are linked to existing and studio performances allow them, especially those who work on the series of the first year développer.Les highlights from this year comedy include Fox, workplace Kari Lizer at NBC, Darren Star-product good Christian Portal at ABC sitcom The Council fathers, Jack Black Cathy Yuspa Josh Goldsmith my life as a Experiement Nahnatchka connected to Peter Fox General Tolan.En Khan and NBC comedy, adaptations of the book are the hottest commodity, with each network purchase a truck.

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