If you are one of the largest exhibitions in the world, you are assured a fair share of bizarre stories. But 2 in 24 hours? This is what happened to animation veteran Simpson Fox. Firstly, the Official Journal of the Vatican L'Osservatore Romano Sunday ran as an article entitled Homer and Bart are Roman Catholic. What is most bizarre House Pope's paper devoted an article to demonstrate Homer is a Catholic (that it is not)? The paper actually running on The Simpsons 2 pieces for 9 months. L'Osservatore Romano also ran a gloss on the Fox family comedy last December, as history of "soft and irreverent, scandalous and ironic, noisy and deep, philosophical and sometimes even theological." Just hours after Vatican City article came out, the Mexican authorities seized Monday morning 105 tons of marijuana 340 million in what is believed to be one of the largest drug busts in recent history. 10,000 Packages were organized in batches with various different distributors sheath wrappers. A wrapper was Homer Simpson and a slogan in Spanish that reads: "I am going to get stoned, dude!"

And if you think that the story could not get more bizarre it may, as the two apparently random occurrences could both can be traced to an episode of Simpson extended in 2002.In the episode, entitled Burnsie, weekend smoked marijuana and all at the top, Homer asked to read the Holy Bible the Flanders! speaking... profound and prophetic.

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