The famous producer and filmmaker Peter Jackson. Warner Bros. executives were locked in negotiations throughout the day with the heads of Government of New Zealand. Then Prime Minister John Key announced at a press conference tonight as The Hobbit consecutive films will be New Zealand. This is a project of $500 + million, and the considerable negotiated Hollywood studio benefits for himself. Tax rebates of up to an extra 7.5 million per film are arranged, subject to the success of the photos.?The New Zealand Government is compensated marketing of Warner Bros. in the strategic partnership costs $ 10 million. And New Zealand will also welcome the first world of the Hobbit films.?The New Zealand Government and Warner Bros. also agreed to work together in a "long-term strategic partnership" to promote the New Zealand as a tourist destination and film production. The key said: "my Government is determined to take advantage of opportunity posed by the Hobbit films highlight the New Zealand as a good place to visit and as an ideal place for doing business."

New Zealand Government will tomorrow be legislation to clarify the distinction between employees and independent contractors as regards industry film only, according to the new information. "Industrial issues raised in the past few weeks have highlighted a set of concerns for the mode in which operates the international film industry," said key."Will move to ensure that the right New Zealand in this field is set to give producers of films such as Warner Bros. the confidence they need to produce their films in this pays.Cela ensures that films are manufactured in New Zealand."

In addition to the key negotiating Ministers included Minister of development economics and arts, culture and Heritage Minister Chris Finlayson Gerry Brownlee."I am delighted that we have achieved this result," Key words, according to the new information. "Make two Hobbit here films not only preserves works for thousands of New Zealand, but it will also follow the success of the trilogy of the Lord of the rings to promote once more New Zealand scene mondiale.Il is nice to have the uncertainty and for everyone have now full steam ahead on the project.