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Identify the US housing market according to national house price UK House prices monthly index of:?

?October saw a continuation of the modest downward trend in the price of real estate that started at the beginning of the ".
summer.The average price of a typical UK property declined by a seasonally 0.7% month in October.Three months on three-month rate of change - a smoother price - recent trends indicator fell to subsector %-1.0% in September October .c ' is the largest decline over three months since April 2009, but it is still well below the rate of 5 to 6% reduction on the measurement of three months during the second half of 2008.Le annual rate of change, which compares the current level of prices of real estate against twelve months - ago level decreased of + 3.1% in September to octobre.Si % the recent trend in real estate prices continue in November and December, annual rate of house price inflation would fall to between 0% and 1% at the end of 2010. This compared with a rate of per cent at the end of 2009.

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