Writer and actor comedy veteran Carol Leifer adopts entrepreneurial approach with its spec script new half-hour have a great day. Instead of throwing to networks, the former Seinfeld is staged a live table read for producers and buyers of studio and network. Leifer has assembled a cast of actors, which she has worked with on other shows as well as other talents made by casting director Tracy Lilienfield (will & Grace). Have a great day, founded whole life as an actor and writer who lived in comedy Leifer comedy starring the extended family, Andy Kindler (Everybody Loves Raymond), Rachael Harris (The Hangover), Kym Whitley (Curb your enthusiasm), Emily Rutherfurd (New Adventures of Old Christine), Eric Allan Kramer (Good Luck Charlie) and Valerie Harper with his partner. If have a great day is picked up, "it is my hope to maintain this distribution, subject to availability," Leifer said.?Richie Keen is leading the project, ?which Leifer described as a scripted room for improvisation comedy. Leifer, who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice earlier this year, has received appointment to the Emmy for his work in writing on the Academy Awards ceremony this year. Reading table is owned by the collective, which manages Leifer and the Agency of Stahler Kaplan, who recently signed its. It will take place November 1st at the Acme Comedy Theatre.

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