Arrive in their past (hopefully) repeat some of their glory, Harvey and Bob Weinstein operated a familiar to chair the Weinstein Company face the production.Donna Gigliotti was a leader in 1993 at 1996.Elle Miramax was also a producer on Shakespeare In Love of Miramax won an Oscar in 1998 and received a Player of TWC 2008 Oscar nomination.

New York, NY (18 October 2010) - after establishing a relationship over seventeen years, The Weinstein Company (TWC) hired won an Oscar, producer and former Miramax Films Vice President Donna Gigliotti as President of production. It will work directly with Bob co-chairs of TWC and Harvey Weinstein, as well as producing several films for the company.First production of Gigliotti will be that I don't know how it is starring Sarah Jessica Parker, which will begin January 17 tournage.Elle oversees currently my week with Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams, the United Kingdom shooting and produce of David o. Russell Silver coatings in the second half of the 2011.Gigliotti is one of only five women to have won a Best Picture Oscar.In its first release as an independent producer, she was awarded the Academy in 1998 to produce film Miramax Oscar winning seven times in Shakespeare's love and was subsequently nominated for a Best Picture Oscar for 2008 romantic drama The Weinstein Company drive.

At the beginning of the years 2000, Gigliotti was President United States happening to its mandate, such as Steven Soderberg winner, Robert Altman Gosford traffic, Neil La Bute Possession movies films production and Joel and The Man Who wasn't there Ethan Coen.Elle can't recently produced I am in the remake of the famous Swedish than the right one film English in.

Began his career as an assistant of Martin Scorsese on Raging Bull, Gigliotti became Director of procurement for United Artists' to the Classics and co-founded classic Orion, this building in the pre-eminent of specialty films from directors such as Louis Malle (review the children), Pedro Almodovar (women on the verge of a nervous breakdown), Steven Frears (My Beautiful Laudrette), Akira Kurasawa (Ran) and Gabriel Axel distributor (Oscar winner Babette's feast) points 1993 to 1996, she was Vice President of Miramax Films, where she oversaw Executive and executive produced projects such as Emma starring Gwyneth Paltrow, restoration, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jane Eyre of Franco Zefirelli.

"Donna is a major producer who love filmmakers," says Harvey Weinstein. "Has impeccable taste, but it is too looks and practical YH ' well I look forward to share with her the Weinstein Company the same kind of success that we celebrated together at Miramax.?