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Exclusive: Eric and Kim Tannenbaums are fine mode on the market in their first round of development in their new home, CBS TV studios. But great sale last minute CBS comedy: half an hour featuring Rob Schneider, in his first concert of TV series in 13 years. The project title, be written by Lew Morton (Saturday Night Live, large lake) and Schneider, is based on the life and centres on a lonely guy who married to a Mexican-American family huge Schneider.Morton, Eric Kim Tannenbaum and executive production, Schneider and his John Schneider brother production through their output of nowhere prods.CBS TV studios and Co. Tannenbaum produce comedy, which received a script command.

Last major TV gig of SNL alum Schneider was like a star in the comedy men behaving badly, which ran on NBC from 1996-1997. He has since focused on films, often in collaboration with the cohort of BN Adam Sandler, including summer hit Grown Ups.It feels like a familiar territory for Eric and Kim Tannenbaum.The last time they landed a truck last minute to CBS for a comedy about a single guy who had a player with a background of Comedy TV and attached as the lead feature, it leads to long hit two and a half men.Schneider is Gersh.Morton and Co. Tannenbaum CAA.

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