Mindy sterling (Austin Powers in Goldmember) and Natahsa Legerro (last comic standing) display driver FX Alabama cocréée value half-hour comedy starring Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, cocréateurs and stars of Reno 911! where sterling had a minor role.?The Alabama is defined a thousand years in the future for the vessel United Nations peacekeeping: Alabama began six years in their seven-year mission to keep the peace and to uphold the Treaty between the planets in their jurisdiction: sector g-187. The show will follow crew visit hostile planets, meet exotic life forms, and try to have sexual relations between them in their bunk tiny, metal.?Lennon played captain Glen French acting, Garant parts # 2, a robot which is the second command. DSA-repped Sterling plays doc doctor ship agent; and Legerro plays Roxy Sexbot. Cast in the pilot project is Brandon Johnson. Production begins later this month in Los Angeles.

?Actor/actor Bryan Callen (Hangover, how I met your mother) asked an advance on new sets of Death Valley, MTV cops - type false chronicling the adventures of dark comedy of cops in 'UTF' (Undead Task Force).Callen plays Captain Jim Dashell...Noah Bean (damages) joined first series of CW Nikita as a recurrent, playing Ryan Fletcher, a CIA agent case and analyste.Il with Gersh and street Antrim.

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