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After a decade of functionality, Spin City writer-producer Jeff Lowell returns to television with a single camera comedy on NBC, produced by ABC studios and Brillstein Entertainment. Untitled, project which has received an order of script, is a romantic comedy about a couple from the point of view of the man and the woman whose thoughts tacit, we can hear via the voiceover. "It is a bit like the scene from the balcony of Annie Hall," said Lowell, adding that he had the idea project, to reflect on his relationship with his wife - together since they were 15 years old. "The secret of happiness and a strong marriage is thoughts unexpressed", he said.?Lowell and his family left Hollywood after his stay short on Inside Schwartz the NBC in 2001 and moved to Charlottesville, va. He began writing film and had 3 product: John Tucker Must Die, over her dead body and hotel for dogs. ""I never thought I refer back but I started missing TV," said Lowell UTA-repped.

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